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Breastfed Baby Stool Set

Utilize the Breastfed Baby Stool Set as a tool to educate new parents about the insights they can gather from the color of their breastfed newborns' stool. Content set:
  • 4 diapers with stool samples
  • Poop chart

Childbirth Graphics ‘With Child’ Life-Size Display

Standing display (46 x 61 cm) that shows the childbearing cycle in anatomically correct illustrated images. This tool is ideal for showing each stage of fetal development to expecting parents and students. *Only available with English text.

Cloth Pelvic Model Set

This durable cloth pelvic set is designed to depict the entire birthing process in a lifelike manner. With the exception of the baby's head, each component of the set is made out of cloth. This enables the user to demonstrate exaggerated movements for a better understanding of the motions made during childbirth.
The set is handmade, made from high-quality fabric, anatomically correct, and true to life size.

Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set

The Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set, designed to showcase the entire birthing process in a truly lifelike manner. Each component of the set is meticulously crafted to ensure anatomical accuracy, while cleverly modified at specific points to allow for exaggerated movements, providing a deeper comprehension of the process.

Flexible Pelvis Model

The pelvis model has strategically placed cords to allow for exaggerated motions, so the flexibility and movements of the pelvic bones during labour can be demonstrated.

Foetus Model | in various skin tones

The fetal model with palpable anterior and posterior fontanels, is an excellent tool to demonstrate the movements of the foetus during childbirth. Use it in combination with the pelvis model for an accurate demonstration.

Perineal Cloth Model

Perineal model made out of cloth.