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Brochure Display ‘Helit’

The display type 'Helit' is ideal for presenting all kinds of brochure materials. Because the compartments are transparent, the brochures are fully visible. The brochure materials can be easily grabbed by your clients and are easily restocked. The display is carefully manufactured from one piece and is very stable and durable. It is delivered including mounting materials.

Hand Held Baby Scale – with protective pouch

Digital lightweight hanging scale with a weighing range of 45 kg and an accuracy of 20 g. The hanging scale is equipped with a carabiner hook to securely attach the weighing cloth. The corresponding sling is available separately. The color and pattern of the protective cover may vary from the image shown.

Sling for Hanging Scale

Weighing cloth to use with a hanging scale. The color and pattern of the weighing cloth may differ from the image shown.

Step stool – 1 step

Enable your clients to comfortably take a seat on the examination table with the help of a step stool.

Braun ThermoScan PRO 6000 Ear Thermometer

Fast and accurate temperature measurement with the Braun Pro 6000 ear thermometer.

Cloth Pelvic Model Set

This durable cloth pelvic set is designed to depict the entire birthing process in a lifelike manner. With the exception of the baby's head, each component of the set is made out of cloth. This enables the user to demonstrate exaggerated movements for a better understanding of the motions made during childbirth.
The set is handmade, made from high-quality fabric, anatomically correct, and true to life size.

Cervical Stacker Model

The progression of cervical dilation and effacement is easy to measure with this innovative, stackable model. The ten removable rings each represent a dilation from 1 cm to 10 cm. The dilation gauge comes with a protective case.

Charder digital Baby Schale | MS4200

Digital baby scale with removable baby tray.

Charder Digital Infant Scale | MS5900

The MS5900 Charder digital infant scale is highly accurate and able to track even slight changes in infants' weight. The measurement tray has gentle sloped edges so it safely and comfortably holds infants during weighing.

Charder Reinforced Weighing Cloth

Reinforced weighing cloth for more comfort and extra security when weighing infants. *Charder scales sold separately

Charder Suspension Baby Scale | MS4400

The lightweight hanging baby scale (up to 10 kg) comes complete with a standard weighing cloth and a hanging hook. The ergonomically designed handle makes it possible to hold the scale with two hands, which enhances stability during weighing.

Childbearing: The Classic Series Desk Version Flip Chart

The flip-over contains 23 detailed full-color illustrations covering female and male reproductive anatomy, fertilization, fetal development, changes during pregnancy, birth, and appearances of the baby. The bottom can be folded to nicely present the flip-over on a desk or shelf. Dimensions: 27.9 cm x 21.6 cm. *Available with English text only.